Junior Footgolf


At footgolf Mayo we have the first and only Junior footgolf course in Ireland                                                    .


The idea came about by accident in May 2014 around Communion time which is very busy.hole1


There were a lot of young children around who couldn’t play footgolf because they were too young.



It was a parent that suggested it to us and we made it happen  within two weeks with a great response.


We found all children are interested in doing was getting that ball in the hole with out too many shots.

hole 4

The course consists of 6 holes right in front of the hotel that are between 20 and 40 meters long mostly down hill.


They are all par 3’s the children play with a size 3 or 4 football.hole 6


If you would like to bring your children to play junior footgolf  you are welcome anytime.

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