Championship Course


Welcome to our championship course. Here are some of the course features. There are 18 holes ranging in size from 40 meters to 155 meters and from par 3 to par 5 each hole has its own unique challenge. It takes 70 kicks to get around on par..Each of the greens has been designed with a 2m x 2m  all weather astro turf  square around the hole making it totally consistent for you when you are making that all important putt to win the game.The course has some great feature holes including the 6th where you have a tricky shot over the lake.Its not for the faint hearted for sure. Have a look at the video below and it will give you an idea exactly what footgolf Mayo is all about.

 Here are our local rules

    • Maximum 6 players per group

    • Maximum 10 shots per hole

    • Kick off must be taken between and behind tee markers

    • Wait for football to stop before next shot

    • Play next shot as the football lies you cannot touch or move it

    • You make take a dropshot if your ball is rendered unplayable by any man made object

    • Loose Debris can be moved if its obstructing your next shot

    • Rolling football with the base of the foot is not allowed

    • To putt use toe or side foot

    • If the football lands out of bounds it can be dropped in play with a one stroke penalty

    • Enjoy youselves while obseving rules and please mind your language

    • Football boots,blades,astroboots,trainers are allowed

    • Wear appropriate clothing football gear or track suit bottoms

    • When a shot is being taken dont stand behind or in line of the player taking shot

    • No climbing trees or fences

    • No trespassing on adjoining private property

    • If you lose or burst the football you will have to pay €5 replacement fee